Travel information

It is your own responsibility to arrange a travelling visa (if required). A passport valid for at least six months beyond the planned date of travel is required. For inhabitants of the European Union a passport valid till the date of return is required. Please visit for visa requirements and updated information.


Foreign currency

All prices for the congress are in Euros. The local currency in Poland is the Polish zloty
(PLN, symbol zł ). You can check the latest exchange rates on You can convert other currencies to Polish zloty at banks, hotels and private currency – exchange offices – the ''kantors''. Banks are generally open Monday to Friday 10:00 - 17:00. Kantors are open 9.00 – 18.00. They are  located in the city centre.  Before you decide to convert your currency please always check the course offered by the ,,kantor’’, because there might be small differences  in exchange rates between kantors. Remember that there are ‘’selling rate’’ and ‘’buying rate’’. If you want to convert your currency to Polish zloty always check the ‘’buying rate’’
Credit cards or debit cards are generally accepted in hotels, restaurants, shops some taxis. You can also use ATM’s to get cash.



Voltage: 220-240 volts, European – type of plugs , two-pin plugs.


Transportation by public transport in Krakow -tram or bus

Transportation by tram or bus in Krakow is very easy, convenient and fast. You may purchase your tram / bus ticket in a vending machine at the tram/bus stops or inside the tram. The costs of a single tram journey is PLN 3,80,-/ valid max 40 minutes after validation. The ticket should be validated immediately on the board in the ticket puncher inside the tram / bus.   For more information about trams / bus transportation in Krakow please see these websites:



JORDAN Group provide transport services ( passengers cars with and English speaking driver,
minibuses ) for individual gests  from / to the airport or railway station to hotels. Our professional guides or an English speaking drivers take care about the conference participants arriving to Krakow.
In case you would like to arrange such a transfer please contact :


Krakow Emergency phone numbers:

General Emergency number for mobile phones - 112
Police: 997
Fire Brigade : 998
Ambulance service :999
Emergency calls from phone boxes are free of charge. When using a mobile, remember to dial the local code before the emergency number. Local code for Krakow is 12, so you would dial 12 – 997 to call to the police in Krakow.




The John Paul II International Airport in Krakow is situated at the outskirts of the city (15 km from the center). It offers direct connections to many European cities, as well as beyond the borders of Europe. The detailed flight schedule is available at



Krakow lies at one of key European crossroads, en route from the West via Germany to the East via Ukraine and from Scandinavia to the Mediterranean via Austria. The city’s main road connections include the A4 expressway to Germany, the no. 7 highway northwards to the Baltic Sea and south to the Mediterranean via Slovakia and Austria, the no. 4 highway to Ukraine, and the no. 52 highway to the Czech Republic (see the map). 
The route can be easily checked at Google maps:



The PKP Railway Station Krakow Glowny is located in the city centre, in a historic building at Lubicz Street. At the station there is the Bus Station and a shopping centre. From here, using the municipal transport or taxi, you can get to any nook of the city. The detailed flight schedule is available at



The Regional Bus Station in Krakow is located in the city centre, and it neighbours on the central railway station. The buses of the national and regional transport depart from the stations at Wita Stwosza Square or Cystersow Street 15, while the regular international buses depart from Wita Stwosza Square. The detailed schedule of departures is available at



There are three traffic restriction zones ( paid ) in Krakow (  P1, P2, P3 ) in the city centre. Parking cars in these cones without payment of parking is prohibited. Zones operate 10.00 – 20.00, Monday – Friday. Parking ticket is available from the parking meters.
Please note that parking meters do not give change – the excess is converted into additional minutes of parking.